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Vol 6 No 10 (2018): International Journal for Innovation Education and Research

Published: 2018-10-31

Main Factors for the Development of the Regional Innovation System of Florianópolis

César Panisson, Márcia Aparecida Prim, Aline de Brittos Valdati, Waldoir Valentim Gomes Júnior, Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini


Good People Management Practices: competencies creation for the innovation process

Waldoir Vatentim Gomes Junior, Aline de Brittos Valdati, Elias Sebastião de Andrade, Felipe Kupka Feliciano, Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini


Non-Manual Expression – Sign Language as L2

Cayley Guimarães, Rita Cassia Maestri


A board game to enhance teaching and learning in the Radiographic Technique module: A pilot study

Hafsa Essop, Mable Kekana, Ms, Margret Sethole, Ms, Erika Ahrens, Ms, Germain Lovric, Ms


Additive manufacturing of customized lower limb orthoses – A review

Jéssica Cristina Dias dos Santos Forte Hensen, José Aguiomar Foggiatto, Leandra Ulbricht, Adriana Maria Wan Stadnik


Molecular Modeling with Augmented Reality (MMAR)

An Educational Web System for the Learning of Molecular Structures

Alex Eder da Rocha Mazzuco, Aliane Loureiro Krassmann, Denis da Silva Garcia, Giliane Bernardi


Solar Energy Microgeneration in Serrana Meso-Region: Project of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power System in Lages/SC

Fernanda Cristina Silva Ferreira, Larissa Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo Farias Ferreira, Juan Carlos Guglielmo Benitez, Stéfano Frizzo Stefenon, Madalena Pereira Da Silva, Cristina Keiko Yamaguchi


GeoGebra as facilitator of a hypotrochoid generalization in an initiation scientific research project at undergraduate level

Ana Maria Amarillo Bertone, Lucia Resende Pereira, Mrs, Ingrid da Silva Pacheco, Layla Giovanna Girotto


Representation of Black Men and Women Characters in Children's Literature: Breaking with the Hegemonic Culture

Mônica Abud Perez de Cerqueira Luz, Roseli Machado Lopes do Nascimento, Rosana Maria Pires Barbato Schwartz, Márcia Mello Costa De Liberal, João Clemente de Souza Neto


Public Policies and patents for breast cancer in Brazil, India and Australia

Áurea Machado de Aragão, Antônio Martins De Oliveira Júnior


Motivating Factors and Effectiveness of Problem-based Learning in Dental Education

Mahyunah Masud, Dr Norhasnida Nordin, Prof Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan


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