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Vol 5 No 9 (2017): International Journal for Innovation Education and Research

Published: 2017-09-30

Undergraduate performance assessment: Attitudes towards and acceptance of OSCEs among 4th year medical students

Umayya Musharrafieh, Dr, Khalil Ashkar, Dr, Dima Dandashi, Dr, Ziad Mahfoud, Ph.D, Maya Romani, Dr, Rana Houry


Sensory evaluation of gluten-free chicken pasty made with cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

INEZ HELENA VIEIRA DA SILVA SANTOS, Maiara Bruna Nunes da Silva, Gleyson Marques de Menezes, Thatiana Wanessa de Oliveira, Maurício Reginaldo Alves dos Santos, Mariangela Soares de Azevedo


Heat exchange on the outside of the pipe when heat is distributed by heat networks

Romana Dobakova, Natalia Jasminska, Tomas Brestovic, Marian Lazar, Jiri Marek


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