Construction of soil moisture and irrigation IoT monitoring system using Project Based Learning

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Sandro Cesar SIlveira Juca
Savio Lopes Rabelo
Diego Lima Carvalho Gonçalves
Vinícius Ferreira Silva
Renata Imaculada Soares Pereira
Solonildo Almeida da Silva


This article describes a project developed using principles of Project Based Learning (PBL) and aims to use an embedded system for soil monitoring, thus measuring soil moisture and implementing automatic irrigation, as well as, the temperature and humidity of the environment. The configuration data for irrigation time control and the lower and upper limits of soil moisture percentage can be adjusted through a PHP page, where also the monitoring of the variation of soil moisture through a graph can be done in real time. The proposed project is divided into two steps using PBL. Phase one focuses on developing a circuit with sensors capable of doing measurement of ambient parameters and soil moisture, and phase two, on developing an irrigation system to control soil moisture, both using Internet of Things (IoT) concepts.


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Juca, S. C. S., Rabelo, S. L., Gonçalves, D. L. C., Silva, V. F., Pereira, R. I. S., & da Silva, S. A. (2018). Construction of soil moisture and irrigation IoT monitoring system using Project Based Learning. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 6(8), 99-111.
Author Biographies

Sandro Cesar SIlveira Juca, Federal Institute of Ceará Maracanaú Campus, Brazil

Computation Department

Savio Lopes Rabelo, Federal Institute of Ceará Maracanaú Campus, Brazil

Computation Department

Vinícius Ferreira Silva, Federal Institute of Ceará Maracanaú Campus, Brazil

Computation Department

Solonildo Almeida da Silva, Federal University of Ceará Pici Campus, Brazil

Engineering Department


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