Nutritional Health, Food Safety and its Social Determinants

A Brief Narrative Review


  • Luis Henrique Almeida Castro a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:37:"Federal University of Grande Dourados";}
  • Geanlucas Mendes Monteiro
  • Gildiney Penaves de Alencar
  • Thiago Teixeira Pereira
  • Fernanda Viana de Carvalho Moreto
  • Lucas Rodrigues Santa Cruz
  • Breno Alcará Ferreira
  • Pedro Mochi Romero de Oliveira
  • Verônica Assalin Zorgetto-Pinheiro
  • Cristiane Martins Viegas de Oliveira



Food safety, Access to food, Public policies


In its latest report, the United Nations for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) pointed out that the number of those who go hungry increased for the third year in a row affecting about 821 million people worldwide in 2018. Moreover, for the most part, studies show that food insecurity tends to follow social trends in such a way that it is precisely population groups in minorities or marginalized who are most likely to be exposed to food shortages and/or lack of access to adequate food. In this scenario, the concepts of food safety and insecurity gain prominence in the international debate playing a role of relevance to global public health. Achieving a healthy and sustainable food model is today one of the main objectives of modern and globalized society. With this, the main objective of this study is to collect in the scientific literature and discuss briefly about the social, environmental and geopolitical determinants that are (or should be) involved in the continuous process of effective human right to adequate feeding.


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DOI: 10.31686/ijier.vol8.iss2.2184

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Received 2020-01-21
Published 2020-02-01

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