Upskilling and training of Critical Care Nurses for Pandemic- A Landscape for future


  • Derar Gharaibeh Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
  • Cornie Saba Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
  • Diosdado IV Frasco Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
  • Jennifer Dinglasan Marali Sheikh Khalifa Medical City



This writes up aspire to discourse current challenges encounter during COVID 19 pandemic and envisaging countermeasure to assert future-readiness.
This paper is adopting synthetization of literature review based on current experience through COVID 19 pandemic in outlining a considerably efficient framework for surge critical care training for future-readiness.

This article aimed to aspire to the challenges encountered during the COVID 19 pandemic and envisaging measures to ensure future readiness if a further outbreak of similar pandemics. This paper is adopting the synthetization of literature reviews based on current experience through COVID 19 pandemic in outlining a considerably efficient framework for surge critical care training for future-readiness.


the significant predicament of the COVID 19 pandemic is towards the ICU community. As a pre-emptive effort, hospital administrators, policymakers, and critical care practitioners have to work on strategies that hasten an organization is bracing itself in the future potentiality of an overwhelming surge of critically ill patients. The cornerstones for future-readiness to coherent collaboration at the local, regional, national, and international levels, focusing on high-quality research, evidence-based practice, sharing data and resources, and ethical integrity in the face of unprecedented challenges likely will be a key to the success of these efforts.


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DOI: 10.31686/ijier.vol8.iss11.2751

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