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Call for manuscripts for December 2020


Authors are invited to submit papers to the upcoming Edition of IJIER in Volume 8, Issue 12 – December - 2020. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this Journal. The manuscript/paper can submit using Online Submission System.

Vol. 8 No. 10 (2020): International Journal for Innovation Education and Research

Published: 2020-10-01

How to reduce food waste in the B_M company`s restaurant

Benitis Moreira de Souza, Jonas Gomes da Silva


Forage Mass, Tillering, Nutritive Value and Root System of Ruzigrass Inoculated with Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Associated with Doses of N-Fertilizer

Artur Roque Domingues Barreiros, Ulysses Cecato, Camila Fernandes Domingues Duarte, Mariangela Hungria, Thiago Trento Biserra, Diogo Rodrigues da Silva, Divaney Mamédio, Renan Sanches, Henrique Jorge Fernandes


Stop-Dengue: Game for Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome

Gustavo de Oliveira Andrade, Rosa Maria E. Moreira da Costa, Vera Maria B. Werneck


Sleep Quality and Metabolic Disturbance in Public School Teachers of a Brazilian Capital

Anne Caroline Silva e Silva, Alice de Sá Ferreira , Carlos Alberto Alves Dias Filho, Andressa Coelho Ferreira, Cristiano Teixeira Mostarda, Sally Cristina Moutinho Monteiro


Nanocapsules With Naringin And Naringenin Affect Hepatic and Renal Energy Metabolism Without Altering Serum Markers of Toxicity in Rats

Jadriane Fontoura Friedrich, Jessica Tadiello dos Santos, Ariane Ribas Pohl, Vivian Shinobu Kishimoto Nishihira, Morgana Brondani, Jessica Dotto de Lara, Itiane Diehl de Franceschi, Luciane Rosa Feksa, Renata Platcheck Raffin, Rodrigo de Almeida Vaucher, Virginia Cielo Rech


Historical context of nursing professionalization in brazil: a journey into the past

Natália Pereira Marinelli, Mário Lopes Amorim, Nayra da Costa e Silva Rêgo, Layana Pachêco de Araújo Albuquerque, Maria da Cruz Oliveira Ferreira Moura, Francisca Miriane de Araújo Batista, José de Ribamar Ross


Environmental Diagnosis of the Unconfined Aquifer in the Coastal Region of Northeast Brazil

Carlos Alexandre Borges Garcia, Nathalia Krissi Novaes Oliveira, Ranyere Lucena de Souza, Helenice Leite Garcia


The sustainability in fashion

a systematic literature review on slow fashion

Livia Juliana Silva Solino, Breno Moore de Lima Teixeira, Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas


Modeling of the Certification Process for Physiotherapy services

Fernanda Koehler, Patsy Geraldine Balconi Mandelli, Dorzeli Salete Trzeciak, Lia Caetano Bastos


Evaluation of the rational use of agricultural space for better human occupation

Rodrigo Couto Santos, Amanda Stéfani de Souza, Claudeir de Souza Santana, Arthur Carniato Sanches, Raimundo Rodrigues Gomes Filho, Elton Aparecido Siqueira Martins, Juliano Lovatto, Ítalo Sabião Sanches, Édipo Sabião Sanches, Diana Carla Rodrigues Lima, Fagner Lopes Theodoro


The University’s Roles in the Historical, Social and Cultural Context, and its Importance in the Realization of Human Rights and Brazilian Democracy

Luís Gustavo Durigon, Raquel Buzatti Souto, Carla Rosane da Silva Tavares Alves, Tiago Anderson Brutti


Reflections on The Concept of Ideology

Adair Adams, Elizabeth Fontoura Dorneles, Tiago Anderson Brutti


The Challenge In The Use Of New Technologies Integrated To Health In The Treatment Of Covid-19

A Brief Critical Analysis In Brazil

Alessandro Carvalho da Fonseca, Hugo Vieira Ramos, Igor Domingos de Souza, Francisco José Mendes dos Reis, Eliza Miranda Ramos


The Concept of Experience Applied to Tourist Products Commercialized in São Luis (Maranhão, Brazil)

Conceição de Maria Belfort de Carvalho, Kláutenys Dellene Guedes Cutrim, Arkley Marques Bandeira , Ana Caroline Amorim Oliveira, Karoliny Diniz Carvalho, Dorilene Sousa Santos


Teacher Training in the School Context of Distrito Federal Countryside - Brazil

Simone da Conceição Rodrigues da Silva, Érika Rodrigues de Freitas


Diagnosis of the Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Companies in the Metropolitan Area of Campinas – SP, Brazil

Lívia Ferreira Neves, Samuel Carvalho De Benedicto, Cândido Ferreira da Silva Filho, Cibele Roberta Sugahara


Stencil control in the automatic insertion of a PIM Company

Cláudio César Vasconcelos Barros , Jonas Gomes da Silva


Predictors of Attitude towards Preparation for Quality Aging in Undergraduate Students

Nonthacha Chaitawittanun, Duchduen Emma Bhanthumnavin, Duangduen Bhanthumnavin, Kosol Meekun


Strategic information quality utilizing the House of Quality

Fernanda Koehler, Lia Caetano Bastos, Rogério Cid Bastos, Patsy Geraldine Balconi Mandelli


Process of Appropriating Mathematical Concepts Mediated by Teaching Activity

Neuton Alves de Araújo, Cristiane de Sousa Moura Teixeira, Francisco de Paula Santos de Araujo Junior, Anna Karla Barros da Trindade


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