The Analysis of the Quality Indicator of the Paint Process of a Metalmechanical Industry

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Vilson Menegon Bristot
Leopoldo Pedro Guimarães Filho
Sara Pizzolo Silva
Vilmar Menegon Bristot
Edson Uggioni


To ensure survival in a highly demanding scenario, it is critical that organizations return their efforts to the proper execution of the internal processes that make up their productive chains. From this perspective, the understanding that quality products and processes are reflected in the company's productivity, especially in customer satisfaction, as way of guaranteeing a competitive position in the growing market. The objective present work aims to analyze the causes of the main problem of the painting process that impacts the quality indicator, through the use of the problem solving method and the application of quality tools. The data was first collected and organized in a way that facilitated problem analysis and decision making. A brainstorming meeting with the representatives of the sectors directly related to the process was carried out, in order to discuss the causes of the high index of the problem related to the ink layer and to delimit the actions necessary to seek the decrease of occurrences. After the actions were carried out, it was possible to observe a gradual increase in the indicator over the months, which reached the goal established by the organizationt.


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Menegon Bristot, V., Pedro Guimarães Filho, L., Pizzolo Silva, S., Menegon Bristot, V., & Uggioni, E. (2019). The Analysis of the Quality Indicator of the Paint Process of a Metalmechanical Industry. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(4), 342-358.


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