Demographic Factors and Suicidal Ideation Among In-Patients At Machakos Level Five Hospital, Machakos County, Kenya

Implications For Treatment


  • Joseph Mullingah Maingi Mount Kenya University, Kenya
  • Maroko Gilbert Mokua Mount Kenya University, Kenya



Suicidal ideation, demographic factors, Machakos Level Five Hospital


The current study sought to assess the extent to which demographic factors predispose suicidal ideation among inpatients at Machakos Level Five Hospital, Machakos County. 154 respondents who comprised of 120 inpatients, 3 doctors, 10 clinical officers, 20 nurses and 1 psychologist/social worker. Results that p (0.387) was greater than α (.05) indicating that collectively in-patients’ demographic factors do not determine their suicidal ideation while undergoing treatment. Implications of this finding are discussed.


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Author Biography

Maroko Gilbert Mokua, Mount Kenya University, Kenya

Lecturer, Department of Psychology


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